Why Do You Have To Put A Piece Of Cloth At The End Of The Hotel?

- Oct 08, 2018-

When many people go out to travel to the hotel, they will find a long piece of cloth at the end of the bed. This piece of cloth is brightly colored and has a variety of patterns. It is in sharp contrast with the white quilt underneath, but many of us often ignore it. Thought it was just an ornament!

In fact, the long cloth at the end of the bed is called the bed towel, and some people call it the bed flag. This bed towel, originally originated in the United States, because Americans work habits, they usually wear shoes, they go back directly to the bed, that is just at the end of the bed, put a blanket, or put a towel, so that you can not take off your shoes Comfortably lying on the bed without staining the bed.

Sometimes we like to stay in bed to do anything, such as eating, playing games, watching TV... In the process, there will be some garbage, especially when sitting or eating in bed, the food is broken. The scraps and wastes are accidentally dropped on the quilt, so with the presence of the bed flag, the cockroaches are well solved, so that there is no need to wash the sheets and quilts.

Secondly, everyone saw this bed towel, the first reaction is definitely a decorative effect. Indeed, it has such a function. The bed of the hotel is generally white, and the bed towel is generally dark, and the color of the bedding. The difference is very far, and this difference also creates a unique decorative effect, which also makes the hotel guests feel a sense of comfort. Put a more design bed flag, the whole bed will look more beautiful.


The last point is still used to deal with those who are not honest enough to sleep. The quilt of the hotel is generally light and thin. If you encounter a guest who has a good sleep, the quilt is easy to slide to the ground because of the movement, so it is It is time to highlight the effect of the strip at the end of the bed. The strip at the end of the bed is generally slightly longer and a little more sinking, because the weight of the quilt is used to drag the tail of the quilt to the ground without being artificially moved.