These Chairs Subvert The Three Views And Open The Door To The New World- Second

- Jul 24, 2018-

a chair that allows you to sit anywhere, anytime

To give workers a better rest, Swiss design studio Sapetti created the first exoskeleton Chairless Chair that allows people to sit anywhere, anytime. It is attached to the user's body by a tie at the waist, knees and feet, without affecting normal walking and standing, and automatically supports the user's body when bending or squatting.

Chair that can be flipped


Just flip it over and the chair becomes a small desk for painting and writing.

Swing slide chair

Do you remember the childhood scenes of swings, slides, and giggles? Designer Taylor Scott Ross incorporates these childhood elements into the furniture design. The swing and the chair are combined to form a swing chair; the flower pots are placed on the ends of the seesaw, and the flowers are like playing games with the playful little friends; climbing on the slide chair and then slipping down, presumably also interesting. . At the same time, the designer also painted his creative inspiration into a group of small comics, lively and interesting.

Rope seat

This rope seat entangles the rope into the resin and wraps it into a predetermined shape. After the resin solidifies, it forms a small seat. The all-empty shape can withstand the weight of an adult. It is amazing!

Simple one-piece chair

The Bold Chair is a one-of-a-kind chair that looks like it's not strong enough to hesitate to sit up, but sits comfortably and is permanently stored by the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA).

Sofa chair and dining chair freely change

The designer combined the armchair and the dining chair into a chair called Hybrid. The principle of application is very simple. The extra wooden board is used to connect the seat and the back of the chair. Then a rope connecting the back of the seat is placed at the bottom of the seat. When the rope is loosened, the seat hangs down and becomes a sofa chair. Pull the rope up and lift the seat. Become a dining chair that can be changed to suit almost any situation.

A real chaotic second yuan comic chair

The 50 chairs created by Nendo Studio, without any color, texture or functionality, the designer changed the shape of the chair, taking a series of dramatic lines, diverging rays and circles directly from the comics. Used on the armrests, backrests, and chair legs of the chair.

Each piece is like a special effect of the day, with a two-dimensional style with a big brain.