These Chairs Subvert The Three Views And Open The Door To The New World.

- Jul 24, 2018-

Chair hidden in the bookshelf


Japanese architect Su Teng has designed the Bookchair collection for Italian brands, and the furniture is an embedded chair-shaped element. When not in use, the chair is embedded in the shelf and does not occupy any space. When used, the chair is located closest to the bookshelf for easy access.

Can you burn fat when you sit? This seat can do it

Sitting for a long time is unhealthy. If you can't get rid of sedentary, is there any way to achieve a healthy sitting?

SitTight is a chair lift. What sets it apart is that its chair base has a semi-circular shape similar to a tumbler.


The design team believes that the key to reverse the negative impact of sitting posture is the natural balance of our body. When you sit up, some of your muscles will be activated to actively maintain balance. The immediate consequence is an increase in heart rate and brain activity, and a feeling of riding a bicycle.

Tropical bird easy chair

This one-of-a-kind peach-like, exotic chair is inspired by tropical birds living in Central America. Consisting of a monochrome circular base and 14 layers of overlapping cushions, this design makes the armchair look like an open flower.


These mats are like the feathers of tropical birds - open and colorful. They come in different colors, and each mat is in two shades, so it can be combined into a variety of styles.


Most economical chair

The chair designed by Miroslav Truben is probably one of the most material-saving chairs in history. It retains the most basic part of the chair, the seat and the backrest. The entire chair is made of wood, which is equal to two curved panels, which form a chair. The result is an aesthetic effect like sculpture art, which guarantees the lightness of the chair.

There is no doubt that this chair will not be so good to sit. Ge You's sitting, sitting cross-legged, basically not practical, you can only sit in danger. But this may also be a good thing, you can exercise your beautiful lady sitting posture, or elegant gentleman sitting posture~



a chair to open two people sitting

What if two people only have one chair? The Dividì seat was designed by imagining two people who wanted to share their opinions face to face in the same environment, so the seat of the seat was divided into two separate and equally functional parts: a stool and a Japanese no. Legrests.


a scary chair

Like the glass plank road, this chair also has the magical effect of making you "frightened". The chair is named Exploded and is made of maple and transparent acrylic. When you see it, it is like seeing the abyss under the glass through the glass, full of instability and distrust, sitting on it feels stable but also suspicious.


This is a deconstructed decomposition chair, which looks like a loosely-structured waste chair from a distance. In fact, the designer embeds a decomposed wooden chair in a transparent plastic box, giving a visual sense of confusion.


A chair can give you a small world

There are always times when we need a quiet and private space. MZPA Design has designed a private seat with a geometric, capsule shape and high privacy.


The enclosed space design allows the user to temporarily get out of the hustle and bustle of the external environment and enter a relatively quiet and undisturbed private space. The interior is equipped with ergonomic cushions, storage bags, LED lights, USB charging, iPad stand, speaker system, and even solar panels.

Unique short wire chair

Made entirely of steel aggregate. The short steel wire is attracted to the surface by the structural frame under the action of magnetic force, creating a unique and complex form.