The Chairs Which I Wanted To Take It Home.

- Jul 24, 2018-

NO.1 unique chair


Unlike ordinary chairs, Spyndi was crafted by Lithuanian designer Mindaugas Zilionis for 9 years. Using biomechanical principles, 1260 birch plywood blocks were spliced together to achieve any adjustment in spacing, shape and angle. What's more, Spyndi, which has a strong sense of design, also has the functions of a chair, a recliner, a rocking chair, a screen, a sports equipment, etc., which can satisfy the user's needs of lying, lying, sitting,and squatting.

NO.2 sour and resilient chair


At first glance, this chair, many people will be hard of it, or the back of the stone or stake, people feel that sitting up will be very uncomfortable. Of course, if you think so, congratulations, you are deceived by your own eyes... Squishy's work, designed by Annie Evelyn, has a great contrast between appearance and quality. Sitting on it will not cause discomfort, but it is very Flexible.

NO.3 energy-saving shaking leg power generation chair


Do you like to shake your legs? Do you believe that one day you can also generate electricity by sitting and shaking your legs? Recently, the MOOV Chair designed by Dutch female designer Natalie is such a magical chair. It is said that as long as we sit on the top and constantly shake, the generated kinetic energy will be converted into electric energy stored in the battery of the armrest through the vibration of the armrest and the back of the chair. If the phone is out of power, we can directly connect to the USB port on the battery for charging.

NO.4 W type ergonomic chair


Designed by the Latvian designer Guntis Zingis, the chair is designed to be tilted to fit the comfort of the human body, such as the saddle shape of its continuous three-dimensional surface, bending the body and legs from 90 degrees. Reduced to 45 degrees, can alleviate the symptoms of back pain caused by sedentary body.

NO.5 Bionic flying fish type explosion chair


The bionic flying fish chair designed by Stephane Leathead, creative director of Designarium, can be seen in the light of the picture. The smooth curve design, flexible and versatile shape, the original woody land with natural beauty. From every detail point of view, this chair can catch people's eyes at a glance.

NO.6 Green and smart chair


Designed by Mike Sandru and John Sandru, RecycleDot is a "Bluetooth Music Chair" that combines green and smart technology. Hemp rope with light wood, metal table legs oblique street tires, from the composition of the material, RecycleDot seems quite "exquisite." In addition, a distance and pressure sensor is added inside the chair, and as long as the person is close to the chair, blue light is emitted.

NO.7 challenging people's magic chair


The Cut Chair by Peter Bristol is estimated to be the most illusory chair in the world. A good chair, three legs were "sawed", and even able to support the whole person, there is a sense of vision of a magic show. In fact, its secret is hidden under the carpet - the steel plate of a stable chair firmly holds the remaining leg, and supports the entire weight of the human body through an extremely strong material.

NO.8 colorful creative chair


The most intuitive feature of the chair Ego designed by Vasil Velchev is “Colorful”, which is like the colorful colors of the rainbow, giving a feeling of playfulness. Because the blocks they make can be freely combined, the user can mix and match the chairs of various colors according to their own mood.