Stainless Steel, Ceramic Container Are Better For Food Storage

- Aug 16, 2018-

Stainless steel, ceramic container are better for food storage

Kitchen stainless steel container

Plasticizers are widely used additives in the industry. A wide variety of phthalate esters are currently the most commonly used in the industry, but such plasticizers are toxic and cannot be used as food additives. According to research by scholars at home and abroad, the toxicity of plasticizers is mainly reflected in genotoxicity, embryonic developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity and immunotoxicity. Phthalates are also associated with lung function decline, obesity, diabetes, and thyroid function decline in adult males.

Plasticizers are common in every aspect of daily life, and plasticizers exist in air, soil and water. However, studies have shown that trace amounts of plasticizers have no significant effect on human health. At present, the daily tolerance intake of the plasticizer DEHP by the World Health Organization is 0.025 mg per kg. People who weigh 60 kilograms can cause significant health damage if they consume 1.5 mg to 8.5 mg of plasticizer per day for life.

Plasticizers are ubiquitous, but for the average consumer, there are some effective measures to reduce the plasticizer hazard in daily life. The most important way for plasticizers to enter the human body is through food intake, which can change lifestyle habits, reduce plasticizer intake, and strictly enforce plastic restriction orders, which not only benefits from environmental protection, but also effectively reduces the health hazards of plasticizers. Avoid using plastic food containers, and change to food containers such as stainless steel, glass and ceramics; if you must use plastic food containers, you should choose to test, almost no plasticizer is dissolved during heating, and it is labeled as "microwave." Heating" plastic products.

Avoid long-term contact or soaking of food and plastic containers, reduce the dissolution of plasticizers; preserve plastic wrap and fresh-keeping bags for food, and choose PE and PVDC materials without adding plasticizer to avoid high-temperature heating. When it is necessary to heat the food with the plastic wrap (storage bag), poke a small hole in the cling film (storage bag) to allow the gas to be released, and avoid direct contact with the food when coating. The plasticizer has a small solubility in water and a large amount of dissolution in the oil, so as to avoid contact between the grease and the plastic product.