Rural Wooden Restaurant Table And Chair Introduction

- Apr 18, 2019-

The Rural Wooden Restaurant table and chair is strongly introduced to all of my customers. 

Huilyee sell kinds of different chairs and tables for hotel, restaurant......

All requested size and color is welcomed !

This combination are very popular. 

You can use it in home or outside. This one can save space which you can put chair below the table when you don't need to sit. This is really nice design. You will like them when you have them. 

Natural solid wood, the product surface of pure natural wood texture, natural clear, smooth and delicate, excellent feel, natural and simple.

Quality footpad design, product touching part is equipped with quality footpad, anti-skid, wear-resistant, noise reduction.

Simple atmospheric shape, carefully polished details, reflecting the designer's good intentions.

The natural soft tone reflects the natural fresh atmosphere.

Made of : Solid Wood + Iron Art

Number: HL287

Style: American Country

Dimensions: 80 cm in diameter, one table and four chairs, 90 cm in diameter, 100 cm in diameter, one table and four chairs. Welcome to inquiry for any need ! 


From Huilyee