Multi-function Chopper Useful But Difficult To Clean?

- Aug 29, 2018-

Multi-function chopper useful but difficult to clean?

 3 small things commonly used at home, easy to clean and clean and clean

The wire cutting grater is a favorite kitchen for women in the family. It has powerful functions, such as peeling, shredding, cutting large pieces, cutting small pieces, cutting grains, etc., so that operation and cooking are changed. Wonderful. However, many people have neglected it. It is also an item closely related to diet. If it is not carefully cleaned, it will bring a lot of bacteria to the ingredients! So how to clean it, many people still don't know! Today teaches you an easy way!

Some people use a wire-cutting grater at home, which is washed with water! This can only wash the food residue above, but the gap in the sharp knife edge is not clean! This will cause bacteria to breed. How do you clean it? You can use the toothbrush that is often used at home, as well as the salt and vinegar used in cooking at home to clean the food hole of the grater.

White vinegar itself has a bacteriostatic effect, and salt also has the function of bactericidal and bacteriostatic. The two can be better cleaned before the wire cutting grater, cleaned and dried, so that the next time the food is used, the food will not It will be polluted by bacteria too! Then recommend several easy-to-use home multi-function choppers, so that you can cut vegetables quickly and cook the dishes beautifully.