Mug Custom DIY Steps

- Jan 07, 2019-

The Mug originated in the West, and with the Western culture entering China, it quickly gained recognition and love. With the rise of the pursuit of personality and self, people's requirements for the mug are getting higher and higher, not only to meet their own preferences, but also to show personality and self. In order to meet people's needs, personalized mug customization has emerged.

Although the online custom mug has been recognized by people, in the process of customizing the personality of the mug, new problems have emerged, that is, the custom DIY step of the mug, the personality mug making tutorial? Let's take a look a bit.

1, determine the custom logo of the mug: the mug customization requires the user to specify the personality of the logo, which can be personally designed by the user, or can be selected in the material library of the private custom service platform. The design of the user's personality, carefully selected text is the premise of personalized customization.

2, choose the custom process of the mug: the effect of different craftsmanship is not needed, the personalized online customized service platform supports the process of painting and 3d embossing printing, users can choose according to their own needs.

3, the merchants make personalized mugs: after the user confirms that the personalized custom products are correct, it is the process of producing private customized products, shipping and signing.


From Huilyee