Is The Potato Peel Stainless Steel Utensils Cleaner?

- Aug 16, 2018-

Is the potato peel stainless steel utensils cleaner? 

Can the egg shell and the rag be cooked to remove oil?

After cutting the remaining potato skin of the potatoes and how to deal with the remaining egg shells of the eggs, I believe many of my friends will throw them away directly. Some netizens said that wiping stainless steel faucets with potato skin can effectively remove water stains and make the appliance brighter. Put the unused egg shells and rags together to cook, which can effectively remove oil stains.

Potato skin wipe faucet decontamination, good effect

Everyone knows that potatoes are delicious and nutritious. They are usually used for stewing and cooking. However, the remaining potato skins may be thrown into the trash can, and these potato skins can actually be used as "waste".

Some netizens have tricks. Instead of using "dangerous goods" such as detergents or steel balls (susceptible to the skin), it is better to use the remaining potato skin to wipe the dirt and water stains of stainless steel vessels such as faucets, which are not only effective but also safe. In this regard, the reporter has verified.

experiment procedure

The reporter first cleaned the stainless steel faucet with a general household rag. After repeated scrubbing, it was found that the stainless steel faucet still had a piece of water stain, and the gloss was dim.

Subsequently, the reporter peeled the potatoes with the prepared potatoes, and then repeatedly scrubbed the other stainless steel faucet with the peeled potato skin, during which the potato slag remained on the faucet due to excessive force. Finally, wipe it off with a dry cloth.

The reporter suggested that the potato skin should not be too thick, too thick may leave a lot of potato residue.

Experimental result

After about 2 minutes of scrubbing, the reporter found that the original dim stainless steel faucet has returned to brightness, and the rust and stains on the faucet have also been reduced. Compared to the faucet scrubbed only with a rag, the potato skin has no obvious water stains. Although the deep rust can not be completely removed, it is much better than before.

The specific scrubbing effect is related to the scrubbing time. If you want to make stainless steel vessels brighter, you may want to spend more time cleaning.


Why is the stainless steel dish after the potato skin scrubbing is better than the rag? Teacher Su of Zhengzhou City College relieved doubts for the reporter. Teacher Su said: “The reason why potato skin is better than rag is because potato skin is rich in starch. Starch can effectively absorb water stains. Usually, it only needs to be dirty. The rusting place can be used to achieve the desired result."

In addition, the potato skin is poured into boiling water in a cup filled with tea stains, which can also remove the effect of tea stains.



Egg shell and rag are cooked and decontaminated, a little effect

After killing the remaining egg shells of the eggs, I believe many of my friends are throwing them away. Recently, I circulated on the Internet that "the raw egg shells (about 5) and the rags are placed in the pot for 6 minutes. After being taken out, rinse with water, not only can it be quickly Remove the oil from the rag and sterilize the rag." On March 31, the reporter conducted an experiment on this.

The reporter first prepared three raw eggs, then shot the egg yolk and egg white, then put the prepared oily rag into a pot filled with water, put the eggshell into the pot, and boil the fire.

As the temperature gradually increased, after about 2 minutes, the egg white was slowly dissolved and whitened. Mixing the rag with chopsticks revealed that the stain on the rag had begun to dissolve slowly, and the water in the pot gradually became cloudy.

At this time, the inside of the house is full of the smell of egg white, and you can see a layer of white egg white floating in the pot. In order to prevent the egg white from overflowing, you can open the lid.

experiment procedure

After 6 minutes, the reporter took out the rag. At this time, the rag was attached with sporadic white egg white. After washing with water, it was found that the rag that was originally full of oil was much cleaner than before. Although it could not completely remove the oil, it also played. Certain effect.

The reporter suggested that if you cook, you can increase the amount of egg white in moderation, which may have a better effect.

Experimental result


Teacher Su of Zhengzhou City College told reporters that the reason why the raw egg shell can remove oil is because the eggshell is covered with a layer of egg white, and the egg white is rich in protease, which can quickly decompose the oil on the rag and clean the rag. . If there is no raw egg shell, separate the egg white and egg yolk and directly cook with egg white and rag to achieve the same effect.

"The egg can be cleaned and the rag can be cleaned. It can also clean some gold-plated items, sofas and other leather goods, not only decontamination but also luster." Su added.