Customized Glasses Process

- Jun 12, 2019-

Huilyee can do kinds of customized products, such as mugs, cups, plates and glasses.

For glasses. It's more complicated. 

Recently, many customers asked about glass customization, I think we should tell you the details.

If you want color, then print it directly and do high-temperature printing, the effect is better, but the cup shape should not be greater than 450ML, otherwise it will easily affect the effect of LOGO.

If you want to sculpt, you can only make it colorless and transparent, and LOGO size is about 2 cm.

Low temperature printing can also be done, without restricting the size of the cup, but often the effect is not perfect, maybe after a period of time, LOGO easy to fall off.

So if you have such request. the information is for your reference.

We are not promoting glasses products such as Wine Decanter sobering Glass. 

Huilyee stuff will be here waiting for your contact for any need !


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