Convenient And Easy To Organize, Classic Solid Color Matte Fitted Sheet

- Oct 16, 2018-

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White hotel cotton fitted sheet. Now it's on hot selling !

Product Name: Pure color sanding fitted sheet

Fabric: Polyester

Color: solid color

Packing: Jane Pack











Bed mattresses are popular in foreign countries, Hong Kong and Macao for many years, and the mainland is also called "Ximengsi sets." It is equivalent to the sheets that everyone is used to. Different from the sheets, the mattress is placed on the four sides of the sheets and is placed under the side of the mattress with rubber bands, which can increase the refreshing feeling of the bed, avoid the feeling of cumbersome, and can also be used during the sleep process, even if it is turned over and kicked. The mattress will be fixed in place, and the long-term protection will not be disordered. At the same time, it is more suitable for some families who use mats. They like to lay the mattress on the mat, put on the mattress, and put the tweezers and the mat tightly together. Greatly avoid the defects such as the easy position, unevenness and accumulation of single-sheet sheets. Every morning, getting up and no need to clean up, really suitable for the lazy sleep of the family, is a must-have for busy people.

Support OEM/ODM/OBM processing modes and support batch customization;

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