Chairs That Change The Human Mind - Second

- Jul 24, 2018-

"Spot" chair - Peter Murdoch

In 1963, the first folding chair was the world of children, the cute shape, the service life was only half a year, but it satisfies the child's curiosity very well. It is flat when it is sold, and it is folded into a chair when used. Furniture appears in the public eye.


K4999 - Marco Zanusso and Richard Sapper

In 1964, the first chair made of polyethylene plastic came out. The K4999 is like Gaole, which can be stacked and assembled at will. Therefore, it has attracted the favor of a large number of kindergartens. Fun, light, colorful, kids can even use it to build a cabin and play space


BA1171 - Helmut Bazna

The biggest advantage of the BA1171 is its mass production. It is also the first chair that can be mass-produced. It takes only 5 minutes to produce a chair made of synthetic resin and FRP material. It is very fast, by the way. For the first time at the Furniture Fair in 1964, this chair was “invincible” in the market.


"inflatable" chair

I didn't write a designer for this chair. Because there are four, the title is not enough. Four designers from Italy introduced the first marketable inflatable chair in 1967.


"Bean Bag" Chair - Pierre Gatti

In 1968, like this bag, the figure was loaded like a bean, so it was called "bean bag." My guess. It completely changed people's perception of the chair, no legs, no backrest, no seats. But it can be changed to any shape to suit any posture. Now the originator of the lazy chair


Panton Chair - Wiener Panton

This chair has a lot of predecessors, and the Charles and Tweed inspired by the "Z" chair designed before World War II, Panton designed the "S" chair in 1960.


UP series chair - Kitano Pesser

This is a foam chair, which is displayed on Milan furniture. Because it will be magical, the vacuum packaging design will open the air quickly after opening, and the chair and ankle will come to you like magic. It is not necessary to pump out the air, but it is also in the flat state. This magic chair appeared in the public eye in 1969.


Miss Mary Chair - Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck, a name that everyone is familiar with, like him, is no stranger to the "ghost" chair, completely transparent design, molded entirely from polycarbonate sheets, as the first transparent chair in history. 1998.


Although chairs are common, the classics that have been created in the past are still in the present, and many chairs can see their shadows. It is this combination of design, craftsmanship and materials. In order to develop new ideas into new styles, let your good works go to society!