Chair Changing Human Concept

- Jul 24, 2018-

I know that you are sitting in a chair or working on a mobile phone, or doing something else. But a chair is really an ordinary chair. But have you ever thought about why the chair looks like this? When they started were indispensable.

Vasily Armchair - Marcel Brewer

1925. This man, who was only applied to the metal tubes of bicycles and airplanes, was boldly applied to the furniture. But the tragedy is that the technology at that time did not let it mass production, but the wind of fashion change brought by it has quietly blown up.


S33 cantilever chair - Matt Stam

In 1926, Matt Stam’s previous chairs were all legged. Until the advent of the cantilever chair. Coincidentally, the cantilevered chair was inspired by the Vasily armchairs, and their respective designers worked with Bauhaus. The cantilever chair was stimulated by Vasily and born with stress. The cantilever chair directly realizes the development of the chair across the age.


Pamio Lounge Chair - Alva Aalto

In 1931, the architect with a similar name and surname, for his Pamio sanatorium, specially designed the Pamio lounge chair. It must have been hoped that the people in the sanatorium would be harmonious, comfortable and happy every day, just like Pami. The Austrian chair gives the same feeling.


"Uterus" Chair - Ero Saarinen

In 1948, Ero Saarinen, a sculptor and architect, accepted the challenge presented by Lorenz Noel and made a chair that allowed her to huddle. The "uterus" chair was born. What makes it special is that it is the chair of the first chair glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, fiber cloth surface and stainless steel chair legs. The first time is the classic is not.


DAR Chair - Charles and Ray Ames

In 1950, Charles Ames served in the Second World War for a period of time. The DAR chair was affected by the material. The material used to reinforce the radar dome of the aircraft - molded glass fiber reinforced plastic, was made without screws. No need for rivets, no need to assemble new chairs. Revolutionized the concept of a chair in minutes


P40 Lounge Chair - Oswald Bossani

In 1953 Oswald established his own design company. In 1954, the P40 was aimed at the public, and it could be adjusted to 40 different locations. Headrests, copies, seating and rest are all independent. I guess the design was originally designed to accommodate the company's early activities. But the chair is the first piece of furniture that uses foam sponges to fill


"Tulip" chair - Ero Saarinen

Eight years after the "uterine" chair, Sharinin designed the "Tulip" chair, which can be said to have been inspired by the Charles and his wife. The first piece of work that tried to establish an integrated connection between the outer shell of the chair and the leg was born, but in fact The metal chassis of this chair is painted in the same color as the seat of the chair and looks almost one piece.


"Mushroom Chair" - Peel Paulan

In 1963, under the design of Piedul Paulan, the originator of the mushroom-shaped chair was born. Typical French romance, this French man wrapped the metal structure of the chair so that the cold metal has its own warmth and softness.