AstroTurf At The Astro Dome

- Sep 03, 2018-

AstroTurf at the Astro Dome

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Many consumers refer to all artificial grass products as astro turf but this is actually a brand name to which we have no association. This page explains the history of AstroTurf.

Artificial grass was first used at the end of the 1960s in the Houston Astrodome, the first covered sports stadium in the USA. This type of artificial grass was named Astroturf, after the stadium. The objective was to create a sports playing field that was as functional as possible; functionality and not the look and feel of the turf was the key factor. Apart from being green, the playing field did not resemble natural grass in any way at all.

It was made from nylon PA (polyamide) and was in fact basically a thick layer of carpeting. Nylon had the unpleasant tendency to cause ‘burns’ when it came into skin contact, for example, when baseball players had to slide into base. Furthermore, nylon was also a relatively costly material, which meant, at that time, an artificial grass playing field represented a sizeable investment