176 Public Welfare Tissue Project

- Jul 14, 2018-

1. What is a new concept for the public welfare tissue machine?

Paper towels are one of the essential daily necessities in our lives. Every household is indispensable, but it is very inconvenient when going out. I believe that many of my friends must have had the need to clean outside, but can not find paper towels. The public welfare paper towel machine is designed to facilitate every traveler and improve China's public facilities so that more people can benefit.

How to make everyone a convenient paper towel machine?

As long as we have a place for our public paper towel machine, we will use WeChat to scan and pay attention to a public account. We will drop a pack of paper towels and the customer will take it away without any charge.

So convenient? Then can I get a few more packages?

A micro-signal, you can only take 2 packs of paper towels for free one day, and you can continue to receive the next day.


4. Free delivery, the quality of paper towels is definitely not good?

We can't use bad quality paper towels to break our reputation. It must be the best. Our paper towels are the bamboo fiber puree paper of the queen in paper. It is better and healthier than the ordinary white paper towels sold in the market.

5. Paper towels must have a cost, everyone is free, who is responsible for paying?

When we brought the paper towel, we scanned the code to pay attention to a corporate public account. The money was paid by the business owner who bought the attention from our company. The price of a WeChat service price was 0.6-1.5 yuan, according to the quantity and quality of the purchased fans. And different.

6. If there is no company to buy attention, can we not get free paper towels?

Now is the era when fans are kings and traffic is king. Every enterprise has advertising needs. In the past, business owners used to advertise on TV stations, airports, subways, intersections, etc., and the advertising costs were millions of dollars. If you want to put a new content, you have to spend money again. Moreover, people nowadays are bowing their heads to play mobile phones, instead of paying attention to the advertisements in their surroundings, it can be seen that the investment cost is large but the effect is average.

Therefore, business owners put their eyes on the mobile phone, and each company will open a WeChat public account, but it is distressed by the lack of fans. In the north, the company has a lot of companies to choose to buy fans directly to pay attention to, after the attention, you can push the new dynamics of the company for a long time, new activities, precision advertising is cheaper than traditional advertising, the effect is better, such a cost-effective thing, fine How can entrepreneurs who calculate costs not do it? Therefore, free paper towels must be a constant source.

Many friends may not know about the fan traffic business. The larger the amount of data, the more valuable it is. The more business owners queue up to seek cooperation, such as local TV stations and CCTV. Therefore, as long as you have a good reputation and a certain fan base, you don't have to worry about the problem of disconnection.