Ceramic Mug Tea cup

Ceramic Mug Tea cup

hotel glasses tea cup introduction: These glasses tea cups are made from durable borosilicate glass. These cups are perfect for showing off espressos, teas, desserts, and many more treats. Each glass is clear so your customers can easily see your culinary masterpieces. These glasses are...

Product Details

Ceramic Mug Tea cup introduction:


We provide kinds of ceramic mugs.


Variety of styles and sizes, just the right size and weight, support custom LOGO and content Factory wholesale customization Welcome to contact customer service for specific details


Ceramic Mug Tea cup features and photoes


Below styles are for choice:


No. 01 straight cup, No. 02 dream cup, No. 03 V-shaped cup, No. 04 ancient cup, No. 05 milk cup, No. 06 milk cup B, No. 07 horn cup, No. 08 ear handle V cup, No. 09 shank High V cup, No. 10 short V cup, No. 11 black and white with white cup small, No. 12 black and white with white cup, No. 13 yellow glaze cup, No. 14 medium matte, No. 15 large matte white, No. 16 Small matte white, black and white with black cup on the 17th, short black cup on the 18th, black high cup on the 19th, black matte black cup on the 20th, matte black cup on the 21st, straight matte on the 22nd Black Cup, 23rd big belly cup red handle, 24th big belly cup blue handle, 25th square cup, 29th goblet, 31th short V-shaped cup, 32nd bright white cup, 33rd straight bottom White, 34th embossed matte white, 35th bright black cup, 36th straight bottom black, 37th black matte ring handle, 38th blue glaze cup, 41th yellow short straight cup, 43rd yellow Straight shaped handle, 44# white straight shaped handle, 45 red straight shaped handle, 46 blue straight shaped handle, 47 embossed small drum white 



Our advantage


1. Customized designs, materials, sizes and colors are accepted
2. Quick feedback and best after sales all the time

3. We supply your order with competitive price, good-quality and prompt delivery

4. More thatn 10 years hotel production experience.


Cooperation Hotel for Ceramic Mug Tea cup




1. How about package ?


More than 98% of the products are non-color box packaging


2. About customization rule:


Since it is a product that is customized for you, it is not supported for return


3.Can we request to print our own logo on the cup ?


Yes. We accept. 


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