The usage of hotel towels

- Oct 09, 2018-

There are several kinds of towels commonly found in hotel rooms. The big ones are bathing, the bathing towels, the small ones are washing faces, called face towels. There is also a towel that is smaller than the towel and is larger than the face towel. It is padded at the door to facilitate the passenger to dry the foot from the bathroom, or to slip in the bathroom. Generally, there are two bath towels and face towels, and only one pad towel.

Expansion: The square towel is the hand towel that we usually use after hand washing. The face towel is used to wipe the face. The bath towel is used for bathing. The floor towel is showered and laid at the door of the bathroom to prevent slipping.

The basic requirements of hotel towels: chlorine bleaching, because it needs disinfection and washing, durable, stronger than ordinary towels, good appearance after washing, low feathering, at least 50 machine wash, good water absorption, reaching GB22864.