Table cloth quality identification

- Jun 06, 2018-

The first is to look at the thickness, which is generally a bit better. There are good tablecloths that are more difficult to distinguish between the pros and cons. In fact, the purpose of doing so is to look at the master's preferences. Both sides can be used, and the difference between tablecloths can only be used on one side. The second is not easy to hair removal and it is not easy to pillaging friends, but the ball is too bad, generally do not use a bit of stress.

this section of table cloth cleaning

After the table cloth is used, it should be cleaned immediately, so that the cleaning effect is the best, especially the vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other water-soluble stains. Before cleaning, the table cloth can be soaked with vinegar, salt, etc. After a few minutes, remove the washing and drying, which can effectively remove vinegar, wine, sugar, salt and other stains.

Grease and protein stains should be removed with an alkaline solution by adding 5 ml of alkaline solution in 5 liters of clean water. After complete dissolution, place on a tablecloth and boil for about 5 minutes until oil stains and protein stains completely disappear. After removing it, clean it.

Pigment stains can be bleached with bleach, and then washed, by adding 50 g of bleach in 5 liters of water, soaking for 5 minutes, and removing pigment stains, washing, drying, and drying.