Several specification for Duvet covers

- Oct 18, 2018-

Regular size of bedding for regular size bedding: generally divided into three categories: 1. Single (child), 2. Double common size, 3. Double size

1, single (child): bed sheets; 200 * 230 cm

Quilt cover: 150*200 cm or 160*200 cm

(This size is suitable for adults in summer, but it is often used for winter quilt. The size of adult single winter is best choice of 180*220 cm or 180*210 cm. It is the same size or slightly larger, for example: 200*230 cm.)

Pillowcase: 74*48CM (inside diameter) (2 pieces)

The four-piece set of children's beds, which are generally high-grade, contain a pillowcase and a pillow. The size of the pillow is generally 45*45CM or 50*50CM (both refer to the inner diameter)

2. Double common specifications: bed sheets: 230*250CM or 245*250CM or 250*250CM

(The subtle difference in size depends mainly on the width of the fabric used by the manufacturer. For example, if the width of the fabric is 235CM, then if the sheet is the whole size, the maximum of the two sides can only be 230CM (because there is still Machining seams, the length of the other two sides can be determined casually.)

Quilt cover: 200*230CM

Pillowcase: 75*48CM (inside diameter) (two)

This size can be used for 1.5 meters or for a 1.8 meter bed. Take the four-piece set of sheets of 230*250CM as an example, throwing it on a 1.5-meter bed, hanging 50CM on each side, 30CM.245*250CM on the foot of the bed is 50CM on both sides, and the foot is 45CM. Generally this size The sheets will be rounded, or two corners will be dragged to the ground. Similarly, the 230*250 size is used on a 1.8-meter bed, which is 35 cm on each side and 30 cm on the foot of the bed. The suitability of this size for a 1.8 m bed depends primarily on the size of the quilt you choose. If it is 200*230, it is very suitable; if it is 220*240 or other sizes, it is necessary to choose another specification.

3. Double size: Sheets: 240*270CM

Quilt cover 220*240CM

Pillowcase 74*48CM (inside diameter) (two)

Beds of this size are generally only used on beds of 1.8*2 meters or more because of the large size of the sheets.

Specifications for beds in modern homes: single bed size is 1.2 m * 2 m


1.35 meters * 2 meters

The size of the double bed is 1.5 m * 2 m


1.8 m * 2 m

(Of course, the size of the old double bed for some elderly people is 1.35*2 meters)

Then take a look at the size of your quilt. This is very important, because the sheets can be bigger and smaller, it is not very important, just the difference between the more hanging and the less hanging, but if the quilt is too big or too small, the quilt will be rolled up or quilted in the quilt. It was empty when it was covered.

The specifications of the quilt are different depending on the type of quilt: 1. Traditionally processed cotton quilt: The single size is 1.67 m * 2 m (equivalent to 5 ft * 6 ft).

The size of the double is 2 meters * 2.3 meters (it is equivalent to 6 feet * 7 feet)

2. Finished quilt purchased on the market: single summer quilt: 1.5 m * 2 m

Single winter quilt: 1.8 m * 2.1 m or 1.8 m * 2.2 m

Double quilt: 2 meters * 2.3 meters or 2.2 meters * 2.4 meters


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