Maintenance of stainless steel oil separation method

- Aug 29, 2018-

Maintenance of stainless steel oil separation method

Kitchen stainless steel colander

Kitchenware is a must for family life. Stainless steel oil is excellent in its beautiful structure, fashion, environmental protection, low energy consumption and durability. More and more popular with consumers. Therefore, we will introduce some tips and common sense to the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel oil compartments. 9 points of maintenance of stainless steel oil compartment:

1. The pot must be cleaned in time after cooking, so that the pollution source cannot be decomposed and oxidized, which will increase the difficulty of cleaning.

2. Avoid using chlorine-containing detergents.

3, do not use strong alkali or strong oxidizing chemicals, such as bleaching powder, sodium hypo-oxygenate, etc. for cleaning.

4. When using the powder cleaning agent, it must be washed along the lines of the pot.

5. Avoid using a greasy rag to wipe. After each cleaning, you must use a warm water to rinse the detergent. Because many detergents have certain corrosive substances, if the residue will cause erosion of the pot. After rinsing, the body should be dried with a clean towel to prevent water. .

6, must pay attention to the flame should not exceed the bottom of the pan, so as not to cause the pot to yellow or black.

7. Do not store acidic or alkaline foods for a long time.

8. Do not dry the pot for a long time. Continued dry burning will cause the pot to be damaged.

9. Do not rub the outer surface with a hard and rough material. This will cause the surface of the pot to be strained. Use a sponge cloth.