How to wash the pillowcase when it is yellow

- Oct 25, 2018-

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Most people need a pillow to sleep. It not only smoothes the breathing during our sleep, but also avoids the occurrence of cervical spondylosis. However, if the pillow pillow does not change the pillow cover for a long time, it is easy to make the pillow cover yellow and discolored. So, how? Can you wash the white and yellow pillowcase? Let's share with you the experience.

Soak several times with washing clothes, soak for half an hour each time, wash it, continue to change water and add washing powder to soak. The purpose of this is to lighten the color of the pillowcase again and again, and the pillowcase will turn white.

Put a basin of water, pour a little white vinegar inside, then soak the pillowcase inside, soak the stain, clean it, then wash it and wash it, it is easy to wash off.

The bean sprouts used for cooking are put in a bowl and the roots are smashed. The juice obtained is used to lick the place where the pillow case is discolored, and it is easy to wash.

Washed with detergent, the reason for the yellowing of the pillowcase is mostly the oil secreted by the scalp, and the detergent has the effect of removing oil.

If you don't feel wasted, you can also wash it with white toothpaste. The toothpaste contains a lot of fine abrasives, which can penetrate into the inner layer of the pillowcase fiber and remove the stain.

lemonade. Lemonade is acidic, and it also has the function of oxidative bleaching. Wash the pillowcase with washing powder first, then switch to lemonade, which can also play the role of light yellow.