How to use the tablecloth correctly

- Sep 18, 2018-

How to use the tablecloth correctly

  1. Round table The large table top of the round table can be covered with a large tablecloth on the bottom layer, and a small piece of tablecloth is placed on the upper layer to increase the sense of gorgeousness. The color of the tablecloth can be dark, calm and stain-resistant.

  2. square table square table can be laid on the bottom of the square tablecloth, the upper layer is then laid a small square tablecloth or change the direction of the tablecloth, right angled to the center line of the table, let the tablecloth hem with a triangle pattern, square tablecloth It is better to have a more atmospheric pattern, not suitable for a single color, so it looks natural, warm, and not rigid.

  3.  rectangular dining table rectangular dining table can be placed on the bottom of the rectangular tablecloth, the upper layer is then used two square tablecloths, staggered to cover the tabletop; or two square tablecloths, the middle of the staggered place can be with bows, scarves Fixed, can also achieve the above effects. The table flag is a very popular table decoration that can be used with plain tablecloths and placemats of the same color.

  4. the study of fabrics Table cloth is usually used to protect the tabletop, to avoid oil, wear, burn the furniture surface. When selecting the material of the tablecloth, it should be selected from the aspects of its wear resistance and washing durability, and should adopt thinner chemical fiber materials, and adopt new high-tech fabrics.

  5. color matching Color matching should also pay attention to, the color of the environment can affect people's mood when eating. The color of the restaurant varies greatly depending on personal hobbies and personality. But in general, it should be based on bright and light colors, and the most suitable one is orange. Both of these colors have an appetizing effect, they not only give a sense of warmth, but also enhance the interest of eating. When the furniture is darker in color, it can be set off with bright and fresh light color or blue, white, green and white, red and white tablecloths.

  6. whether in the study, bedroom or restaurant, a good tablecloth and indoor environment to coordinate, can add a lot of color to the room, but the tablecloth and table flag is a supporting role, after all, can not be arrogant, not too conspicuous, The color should be as soft as possible, and the jacquard fabric with good texture and elegant color should be used together. In the choice of color, plain color has always been the same as the main color of the popular color. If the tablecloth is broken, it can be embroidered with embroidered on it, and decorated with floral decorations.