How to make and maintain iron chairs

- May 10, 2019-

How to make and maintain iron chairs

1. Although iron chairs have been treated with anti-rust treatment, if the anti-rust film is worn, it is easy to rust because of damp environment, which affects the beauty and use. Therefore, the iron chair should pay attention to avoid long sunshine, to prevent the paint layer dry fission color.

2. Iron chairs should not only avoid sunshine, but also avoid dampness. Moisture can easily make rust-proof paint fall off and rust. When cleaning iron chairs, it should be gently wiped with a wet soft rag to clear the dust and dirt in the gap, and then air-dried and reused.

3. Tieyi furniture should pay attention to avoid acid-alkali corrosion. If vinegar and other acid-alkali substances are sprinkled on Tieyi furniture carelessly, they should be cleaned with clean water immediately and then wiped with dry cloth.

4. Iron furniture should be avoided as far as possible. If it needs to be moved, it is better for many people to lift it together and put it lightly. We should try our best to avoid the impact of hard objects on them and prevent the appearance of iron furniture from being damaged or deformed.

5. If the iron furniture is rusty, it can be smeared with oil on the rust spots, and then wiped clean with cloth. If the rust area is too large to deal with, you can contact professional furniture maintenance personnel to deal with it.

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