How to maintain rattan furniture

- Mar 26, 2019-

How to maintain rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is woven from one rattan, and the cracks in the rattan are the easiest to hide dirt and dirt. To keep it clean, you must put it in a clean environment, often brush the floating soil on it with a duster, and don't let the floating soil become dirt on it.

Some rattan furniture does not use many rattan, it looks very delicate, it can bear the weight of normal people, but too strong pressure it can not bear, we do not use the foot to look at it, let alone jump on it, if its rattan breaks, it will be broken.

As we all know, rattan belongs to wood and is most afraid of fire. We should keep it away from the source of fire and away from the high temperature so as not to damage or soften its rattan. Of course, we should keep it dry and away from dampness.

Some rattan furniture is thicker and heavier. It's not easy to damage when it's put there. It's afraid of moving back and forth. When it's moved, it must be handled lightly. Great strength will lead to its damage, even the breakage and dislocation of rattan.

Some people like to put rattan furniture on the balcony in order to pay attention to the mood. We all know that the balcony is a sunny place and the strongest sunshine place. The rattan furniture will be broken, discolored and deformed because of long-term bathing in sunshine, so avoiding sunshine is the key to prolong its life.

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