How to fold the bathrobes

- Nov 09, 2018-

How to fold the bathrobes

Hotel cotton terry kimono robe

1. Tile the bathrobe face down.

2. Fold the left sleeve and part of the bodice from the shoulder to the right.

3. Fold the left sleeve down.

4. Repeat the second step on the right sleeve.

5. Continue to repeat the third step.

6. Fold the bathrobe up to two-thirds.

7. Fold it up to the collar.


1. When the bathrobes are collected, they are folded neatly and stored or suspended in a ventilated and dry closet.

2, the bathrobe should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, after drying and drying, do not press heavy, dry cleaning.

Bathrobes, also known as bathrobes, are a kind of robes worn on the body after bathing. Generally speaking, the towel of the towel texture has good water absorption and plays the same role as the bath towel, but it is more convenient to wrap the body and can be worn. It moves freely at home and has the role of a nightgown.



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