How to clean the tea stain inside the mug

- Jan 07, 2019-

How to clean the tea stain inside the mug

After the tea is put in the mug for a while, it will form tea stains, so the white cup looks ugly in an instant, and for those who love clean, it is simply not directly. How to do it? In fact, the method is very simple.

Tools/raw materials

Wire (clean) ball for kitchen brush

Clear water

Dishwashing liquid

Method / step

Find a wire ball for the brush pot. Or other brushes can do it, in short, there are hard objects. It is not recommended to use hands because it is not clean at all.

Pour a little detergent on the wire ball. It should not be too much, it will be very troublesome when it is time to rush.

Hold the wire ball with your hand and brush it against the inner wall of the cup. It only takes a few moments to clean up and look at it while brushing.

Rinse with clean water. At this time, it must be washed clean, or there will be residue. Rush until there is no bubble.

Let's compare it now. Is it a lot cleaner? There is no other difficult way to get it done.