Hotel supplies category

- Jun 06, 2018-

room supplies

Bed linen, room linen, room curtains, safe, iron, ironing board, audio equipment, TV turntable, room refrigerator, electric kettle, room phone, clothes rack, clothes pegs, bamboo, woodwork, keys, hand, beauty Mirrors, trash cans, anti-slip mats, nameplates, and other room amenities.

cleaning supplies

Air purifiers, cleaners, cleaning tools, disinfectants, window polishers, polishers, blow dryers, dredges.

food supplies

Ceramic tableware, gold-plated (silver) utensils, plastic products tea sets, turntable stainless steel products, food models, glassware, drinks carts, hotel tablecloths, hotel linen, hotel chair covers, hotel curtains, and other food supplies.

furniture supplies

Banquet furniture, restaurant furniture, room furniture, furniture outside the home, furniture sets, sofas, dressers, hotel beds, hotel tables, other hotels, furniture hotel tables.

leisure equipment

Automatic mahjong machines, fitness equipment, recreation facilities, spa equipment, and other entertainment equipment.