Hotel special towel washing knowledge

- Oct 12, 2018-

Hotel special towel washing knowledge

1. Avoid washing water overheating when washing towels for hotel special:

Avoid washing the water overheating and drying for a long time when washing towels in the cotton hotel. When drying, the internal tumble drying can make the cotton towel more fluffy and soft, and hanging and drying can not achieve this effect. Dreammare Xiaobian reiterates here: it is best not to expose to sunlight or use ultra-high temperature heat source to force dry.

2, hotel towels Do not dump the detergent directly on the towel:

Use a small amount of detergent to make the towel softer. Avoid dumping the detergent directly onto the towel, otherwise the detergent residue will cause the towel to harden and minimize chlorine bleach. Fabric softeners should not be used frequently, as it will affect the water absorption of the towel.

3. The hotel special towel is properly washed:

Wash dark towels and light colors separately;

Avoid washing towels with clothes that contain zippers, hooks or buttons that can damage the towel loops;

Do not wash the towel and clothing together, the terry fabric will wrap the light and soft fabric clothing inside;

The number of washings affects the use time of the towel, and the less the number of washings, the longer the towel is used.

Moist towels and other bacteria can be caused by placing wet towels for too long or not drying for long periods of time. When the mildewed towel is dried, the fiber will be brittle and quickly rupture. As a part of huilyee hotel towel manufacturers, our cotton hotel towels are also well received in the hotel industry.

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