Hotel Single Supply

- Jun 06, 2018-

According to the investigation of the Yangzhou area, where the domestic hotel supplies industry is more developed, for example. With the rapid development of hotel services in China, traditional packaging methods have increasingly failed to meet the needs of the market, such as disposable dental equipment, combs, soaps, slippers, razors, shower products (shampoos, shower gels, hair conditioners, etc.). Body lotions, shower caps, sewing kits, women's bags, etc., such as hotel disposable supplies for customers to use the cost of packaging are becoming less and less demanding, the application of automatic packaging machine will be the only way to solve.

According to the author's visit to the professional exhibitions of the hotel supplies industry, there have been a few exhibitors of packaging machinery. In 2011, the 18th International Hotel Supplies Exhibition in Guangzhou exhibited a one-time toothbrush packaging machine and disposable slippers packaging. The machine gave a lot of exhibiting hotel supplies companies a refreshing feeling. Many exhibitors in Yangzhou stated that there was no one company in the locality that used automatic packaging machines to solve the problem of slippers. All of them were manual operations. In the face of the fact that workers are hard to find and labor costs are increasing, more and more hotel supplies companies in China will choose automatic packaging equipment.

Toilet paper, combs, shower caps, tissues, disposable pens, shoehorns, shampoos, soaps, regular toothbrushes, bath gels, and shoe cloths.