Five ways to protect outdoor artificial turf

- Sep 12, 2018-

Five ways to protect outdoor artificial turf

The outdoor artificial turf field is very different from the indoor one. This is not only the method of use, appearance, etc., and the maintenance methods are also very different. Most of the artificial turf fields in China are outdoor venues, so teach Some of the maintenance methods for outdoor artificial turf fields.

1. On some football fields, there are some places to pay attention to when wearing shoes. It is forbidden to wear 9mm long spikes to run on the lawn; in addition, do not allow motor vehicles to drive on the lawn; do not let any heavy objects be pressed on the lawn for a long time. Do not allow shots, javelins, discus or other high-falling movements to be carried out on the lawn.


Artificial turf is used for a long time, and there are some fungi such as mosses in the surrounding area or in some broken places. A small range of lawn vines can be treated with a special anti-entanglement agent (such as clearing agent or pod chlorine), and the artificial turf will not be affected as long as the concentration is appropriate. This type of anti-stripping agent can be attached to the lawn and then swept out with a hard broom. If the tangles are serious, the turf needs to be treated and cleaned as a whole. More serious, a professional construction master should re-specialize it again.


Some garbage in artificial turf should be treated in time. Leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum, etc. can cause tangles, spots and stains. Especially before exercise, first check if there are similar foreign objects in the field, try to avoid artificial turf. The damage and protection of the safety of the athletes.


Some things may rain or drain, etc., and the sewage will be infiltrated into the site. This can be used to build a circle of kerbstone (curier stone) on the side of the lawn during construction to prevent infiltration of sewage. After the completion of the post-construction, it is also possible to make such a rim around the site.


Finally, the trimming of artificial turf. Although the artificial turf site does not need to be watered and fertilized by a special person like a natural lawn, it is also necessary to have a regular look with the personnel, at least someone must be sure to see if there is any break, and Some pits are very dangerous because when there is such a place, it is very dangerous to move on.


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