Daily Maintenance Strategy of Solid Wood Furniture

- Apr 08, 2019-

Daily Maintenance Strategy of Solid Wood Furniture

1. The surface of solid wood furniture on the market is sprayed with paint. It is particularly important to maintain the paint film in normal use. Once the paint film is destroyed, it will not only affect the beauty, but also may affect the structure of furniture. Therefore, in order to keep the solid wood furniture clean, it is recommended to clean the dust on the surface of the test with cotton cloth every day, including the dust on the corner of the furniture.

2. Avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solutions to remove stains on the surface of solid wood furniture. If there are stains on the surface of solid wood furniture, don't use vigorous scrubbing test, also can't use alcohol, gasoline and other chemical solvents to remove stains. Suggest using warm tea to scrub, dry and then apply a little paraffin on the original part, gently rub several times to form a certain protective film.

3. Normally, when cleaning, the cleaning tools used do not collide with the surface of furniture, nor do they need some hard metal products or sharp tools to friction with furniture. Otherwise, it will scratch the surface of furniture, which is difficult to repair.

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