Cleaning Method of Table Cloth

- Apr 26, 2019-

What materials are tablecloths made of ? There are many kinds of tablecloth. For household tablecloth, light or pure white cotton fabric is mainly used, because cotton cloth has strong water absorption and softness, light tone and white can foil elegant environment, giving us a clean, sanitary, warm and comfortable feeling. There are different cleaning methods for table cloth with different fabrics. If it is pure cotton table cloth, there will not be many matters needing attention, but pure cotton table cloth has greater cleaning strength.

The source of the stain on tablecloth can be found to suit the prescription. The source of stain on household tablecloth is mostly food, wine, vegetable juice and condiments. Specific subdivisions may include butter, fish, meat juice, vegetable juice, soft fruit juice, tea, coffee, red, white wine, soy sauce, vinegar, and other condiments and sauces, and even vomit. Because the sources of stains are complex, the distribution of stains is crisscross, and the stains exist for a long time, it is difficult for household tablecloths to remove stains and wash them.  Different cleaning schemes for stained tablecloth may be composed of tannic acid, protein, animal and vegetable oils, wine, vinegar, salt, sugar and pigments if the stains on the tablecloth are classified according to their nature. Therefore, the following washing schemes can be formulated: water-soluble stains: cleaning water-soluble stains such as vinegar, wine, sugar, salt, etc., which can not only be used to clean the stains on tablecloth, but also effectively prevent the problem of discoloration of tablecloth. Acidic stain: Dissolve tannic acid stain with organic acid, such as tannic acid, beverage and other more difficult to wash stains. Protein: Use alkaline solution to remove grease and protein stains; finally use oxidative bleaching agent to remove pigments stains. According to this treatment plan, the household tablecloth can be washed to achieve the desired effect.

The cleaning steps of the tablecloth understand the source of the stain on the tablecloth, and we have found a cleaning plan. Next, let's start cleaning the tablecloth and make it white and clean. Step 1: First, soak a white cotton table cloth for three minutes, so as to dissolve the water-soluble stains in water effectively. Step 2: After three minutes, take out the stains and shake them dry for one minute to wash out the stains of sugar, wine, vinegar and salt in water. Step 3: Add HTQ to the stain with color and moisten for three minutes. After fully rubbing, rinse the stain with clean water to remove the tannic acid stain which is soluble in HTQ. Step 4: Clean 5L into 5 ml HTQ heavy scale and alkali, dissolve the caustic soda completely, put it into the tablecloth, boil for 5 minutes - after the oil and egg stains on the tablecloth disappear completely, take it out and wash it. This step is mainly oil stain and protein on cloth. Because the stain of household tablecloth is old, so the animal protein is removed after oxidation, so the removal method is the most effective practice proves the same. Step 5: Take 5L clear HTP bleaching agent 50g, stir well, soak tablecloth for 5 minutes, and then throw it in after all the stains are removed, shake and dry. This step is to eliminate pigments, sterilize and disinfect. PS: After the above four steps, the tablecloth is bright and white, fragrant and pleasant. When you wash the household tablecloth, you may as well try it.

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