Classification of Glasses

- Jun 14, 2019-

Classification of Glasses

Structural classification

Glass is divided into double glasses and single glasses, its production process is different, double glasses mainly meet the needs of advertising cups, can be printed on the inner logo company for promotional gifts or gifts, and the insulation effect is more outstanding.

Classification of Material and Use

Crystal glass, glass office cup, glass mouth cup, tail glass, tailless glass. The heat preservation time of the tail cup is shorter than that of the vacuum cup. The tailless cup is a vacuum cup for a long time.

Structural Editing

Because of the similarities and differences of glass materials, the designer

The main arts are screen printing and paper baking.

Screen printing is a monochrome, simple pattern, using plate-making and ink brushing method.

Flower paper can be of many colors, usually without gradient, i.e. standard red, yellow, blue, etc.

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