Classification of Ceramics

- Feb 19, 2019-

By use

1. Domestic ceramics: such as tableware, tea sets, vats, altars, basins, pots, plates, dishes, bowls, etc.

2. Art (craft) ceramics: such as vases, sculptures, garden ceramics, utensils, photo frames, murals, exhibits, etc.

3. Industrial ceramics: refers to ceramics used in various industries. It is divided into the following four aspects:

Building-sanitary ceramics: such as bricks and tiles, drainage pipes, face tiles, exterior wall tiles, sanitary ware, etc.

(2) Chemical (chemical) ceramics: acid-resistant bricks and ash used in various chemical industries, such as containers, pipes, towers, pumps, valves and enameled reaction pots;

(3) Electric porcelain: insulators for high and low voltage transmission lines in power industry. Bushing for motor, pillar insulator, insulator for low voltage electrical apparatus and lighting, insulator for telecommunication, insulator for radio, etc.

(4) Special ceramics: special ceramics used in various modern industries and advanced science and technology, including high-alumina oxygenated ceramics, brucite ceramics, titanium-brucite ceramics, zircon ceramics, lithium ceramics, magnetic ceramics, metal ceramics, etc.

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