Classification of ceramics

- Jan 09, 2019-

Classification of ceramics

Porcelain Rak Steak Plate Round And Flat

By purpose

1, daily-use ceramics: such as tableware, tea sets, cylinders, altars, pots, cans, plates, dishes, bowls, etc.

2, art (craft) ceramics: such as vases, sculptures, garden ceramics, utensils, photo frames, murals, furnishings and so on.

3. Industrial ceramics: refers to ceramic products used in various industries. Also divided into the following four aspects:

1 Building a sanitary ceramic: such as bricks, drains, tiles, exterior wall tiles, sanitary ware, etc.;

2Chemical (Chemical) Ceramics: Acid-resistant bricks, pipes, towers, pumps, valves and acid-resistant bricks and ash used in various chemical industries;

3 Electric porcelain: Used for insulators on high and low voltage transmission lines in the power industry. Motor bushings, post insulators, low voltage electrical appliances and lighting insulators, as well as telecommunications insulators, radio insulators, etc.;

4 special ceramics: special ceramic products used in various modern industries and cutting-edge science and technology, including high alumina ceramics, magnesite porcelain, attapulgite porcelain, zircon porcelain, lithium porcelain, and magnetic porcelain. , cermets, etc.

Porcelain Rak Steak Plate Round And Flat


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