Can the dishes be put in the oven?

- Feb 25, 2019-

Can the dishes be put in the oven?

1. Yes, because dishes are usually made of ceramics, because ceramics are fired at high temperatures and can withstand the high temperatures of ovens. But remember that the rim of the bowl with gold edges can not be directly heated in the microwave oven. In addition, the food in the bowl can not be sealed, such as eggs.

2. Ceramic bowl is fired with pottery under 1000 degrees high temperature. It has 1000 degrees heat resistance, but the heat transfer effect is poor, the heat is not uniform, no metal mould is heated quickly, and the color glaze surface is not safe after high temperature. It is suggested that you use white porcelain, not too much decoration. The basic baking materials baked with porcelain are comfortable buds, steamed vegetables and baked pudding.


From Huilyee