A Brief Introduction to Nordic Style Tableware

- May 16, 2019-

Nordic style tableware In product design, ceramic products have its unique characteristics and artistic charm, and have been specifically applied in kitchen utensils. Europe, North America and Japan, which entered the post-industrial era earlier, naturally became the centers of modern ceramics. Their ceramic products have various styles and characteristics, emphasizing originality and humanism, and affecting the development of world ceramics. Nordic style tableware has formed its own unique artistic style, broadened the artistic language of ceramics, and changed people's aesthetic habits of traditional ceramics. Excellent production of Nordic products in addition to practical functions, it has a unique style of decorative art, giving people endless beauty and pleasure. Nordic style tableware pays most attention to details, any concise decorative style, details are particularly critical, especially the edge processing of the production part. There are two styles of Nordic ceramics in shape: one is the modern style full of modern modeling lines, the other is the natural style. From the color point of view, Nordic product style is famous for its simplicity, a large number of clean and bright pure color design. The use of black and white on ceramics is also a characteristic of Nordic style. The numerous black and white decorations on the exterior also make people feel solemn and sacred, which makes people feel a pure and inviolable feeling. In the surging tide of industrial design in the 20th century, the simplicity of Nordic style was pushed to the extreme. The main spirit of minimalism is to abandon triviality, advocate simplicity, emphasize the essence and value function. It is this kind of function-oriented design that makes its decorative style unique. It is not noisy but appropriate to decorate, which is more prominent in ceramic products. Here we will experience the ceramic decoration art of Danish and Finnish products: (1) Danish ceramic decoration art

Denmark's beautifully designed geometry comes from functional requirements. A tool is beautiful because you can feel it has good function. The unity of function and appearance is a major feature of Danish design. Danish design has both modern consciousness and national characteristics. Denmark's early modern design was famous for its ceramic design. It was the first high-temperature stoneware in the world to be used for tableware and coffee. Its modelling function is reasonable, its form is concise and novel, and it meets the requirements of popularization. Traditional Nordic handicraft combines Oriental porcelain painting style, unique and elegant shape design is the national treasure of Denmark proud. The crown on the logo represents a deep relationship with the Royal family, and the three ripples represent the Straits surrounding Denmark. "Making only real products" is the belief that Royal Copenhagen always upholds. Its most outstanding work, Danish Flowers, is the epitome of the real Royal Copenhagen skills. Royal Copenhagen's first set of formal dinner utensils, which has a history of 200 years, still insists on the use of traditional hand-drawn. A kind of

2. Finnish Ceramic Decoration Art

The best design is no design. Finnish design classic masterpiece - white porcelain tableware series, reflects the essence of Nordic design philosophy: good design is no design. The feeling of gradual improvement in their designs is always natural, but profound.

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