4 ways to make it easy for you to learn how to quickly cover the Duvet cover

- Oct 19, 2018-

Method 1 of quick cover quilt

The first step is to spread the quilt on the bed and spread it out.

In the second step, turn over the cover and lay it on the quilt to coincide with the quilt.

In the third step, open the zipper opening of the hood, put the hand in and grab the opposite quilt corner. You can grab both quilt angles with both hands and hold them together with the hood.

The fourth step, do not let go after grasping the quilt corner, directly pull out from the opening of the hood and shake it twice.

Quick cover quilt method two

The first step is to lay out the quilt cover, remember not to turn over, and have a zipper facing you.

In the second step, the bedding is placed directly on the quilt.

In the third step, open the zipper and turn the corners diagonally.

The fourth step, the left and right sides are the same, turn in.

The fifth step is to continue the volume.

In the sixth step, after the whole volume is entered, grab the upper side and use the force (the left and right corners).

The seventh step is to pull the zipper.

The eighth step is to organize the various places.